The Difference Between Korean And Japanese Make Up Application

The make up styles that are used by women around the world certainly do differ from country to country. The Korean make up style was highlighted when it entered the industry and there were many comparisons of it with the Western skills. It was very interesting for those who studied make up styles to differentiate what made Korean make up style very interesting. If you take a look at the Asian makeup styles, you would notice that all these styles differ as well. Nowadays, it is very easy to find all brands and types of make up in almost any country. There are both Japanese and Korean cosmetics online stores as well as physical stores as well. Since Asian make up style is very interesting to study, this article will highlight and compare Japanese gyaru makeup style and Korean ulzzang makeup style. Visit this link for more info on Korean cosmetics online.


As the final result for J-beauty, the skin is given a matte finish to ensure that the look is more natural. On the other hand, Korean beauty tries to create a dewy look so that the skin looks plump and hydrated.


In K- beauty routine, you will see that there are no angles and definition for the brows. The eyebrows are made to look very soft and flat. However, in gyaru style, the eyebrows are made to arch. These brows can be slightly angled or every straight but they cannot be too dramatic and dark. Both styles tend not to create dark brows, as the brow hairs are usually lighter than the hair colour.


Both styles will end up using almost the same colour for blush however, the application of blush differs for both style. The Japanese stores Melbourne that have cosmetic demonstrations will always stress on applying the blush right under your eyes, which will make the face look more innocent. However, for Korean application, blush is applied on the upper or lower cheekbone.

Eye shadow

The difference in the style can be seen here clearly. The shimmer shadow will be used on the eyelids for Japanese style so that it will look like that the eye is open. But the shimmer shadow will be used right underneath your eyes to bring a younger look.


Both styles try to go for innocent looks but once again the application differs. The Japanese style will ensure that the liner is cat eye style and fatter where as the K-beauty look focuses on creating a thing wing or the puppy liner.


J-look goes for ensure that the lipstick fills the entire lip but the lip liner will be more diffused to create a softer look. For K beauty, the lip colour looks stronger in the middle and fades out as you move out from the centre. You might have not noticed these differences before, but you will do now!