What Do We Expect From An Italian Restaurant?

When we talk about specific food, we love to eat their authentic flavour taste. As we all know, each country and state have their own culture and rituals and so their preferences of food. They like to have food according to their taste buds and everyone has their own culture of having food. Some people like to have beverages along with the meal and some people like to have after the meal. Some like to have rice item before the meat and some like both the items together.

So, it is all depend upon their choices. We need to follow and respect a tradition of that particular place. Being in one state if there is a restaurant open who serves food of another state then they have to bring and follow all the tradition of that specific country.

If we specifically talk about Italy, they have a few things to follow when it comes to a food. They have a discipline of having food. Following is the series that have been followed by all Italian restaurants.

  • Aperitivo:

Aperitivo is basically an appetizer which we need to order first. They serve olives, breads and butter. They serve other creams and sauces along with it to give a flavourful taste to the visitors. It is a tradition in all the restaurants.  


Then second thing that they serve is Primo. It is basically the Salami, pasta or rice item. They serve it with the ordered items. It is solely dependent upon the choices of people who have come to eat food. There is an ample of variety that we have been given and we need to choose according to their taste buds.

  • Secondo

Secondo is the main course. In main course, we have best pasta and best pizza. Also, we can have many other items lasagne, sandwiches. If they are making something special like they have some speciality then they can easily serve to us along with our order. The meat item is usually included in the second.

  • Contorno:

Contorno is the serving of fruits and vegetable. Usually people eat vegetables with the meal or before a meal. But if you have come to an authentic Italian restaurant then vegetables and fruits will be served after the main course.

  • Dolci:

Dolci is a desert. Our food is never completed without a sweet. We all like to have some sweet after completing a meal.

All the things are served in small portions so that we can enjoy each and everything. So, if you are residing in Melbourne and wants to experience the best Italian Restaurant who serves the best pizza and best pasta Prahran then come to tipico Melbourne. We have so much interesting food to serve.

How To Pick Out The Best Venue For Your Special Event?

Arranging an event that meets up with perfection is no fun and games. You have to make sure that you have all the needed features of the event properly set. Keep in mind that the all the features that you are choosing for the event comes together that will help you gain the finest from the event. One of the most crucial features of any event is the venue of the event. If you don’t pay attention to choosing an event that comes with the best features and is suited for the event that you are organizing, it will cause complications and the event will not go as planned. Therefore, at least before 5 months of the date of the event, you should book the venue. Therefore, starting the search for the venue as soon as possible is highly recommended. If you are not clear of what needs to be looked for when you are getting the most perfect venue for the special event. Here is what you should know:

The right location

Whether you are organizing a private function or a corporate function, the location of the event that you choose has to be chosen with care. The location of the venue should not be far away. Therefore, focus on an area that is right for the event. Once you are clear of the area that you are looking for, the next step that you have to take is to look for function room hire Geelong in that area. It is always best that you include the location or how the guests can arrive at the location that you have chosen in the invitation that you are giving to them.

Are the needed amenities provided?

It is important that you focus on the amenities that are provided to you by the venue as it will decide on the quality of the event. Focus on the most important features of the event such as the food, the other basic services, the space available and the other features as well. If you are satisfied with the amenities that are given and if these services are right for the standards of the event that you are organizing. If you are happy with what you are getting, it will be much easier for you to create the best event and the function room that you get will certainly be the highlight of the event.

Plan out your finances

Having planed out the finances of the event that you are organizing in the right manner is required. Choosing the venue for your finances will help you be free from financial complications.